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We specialise in all aspects of equine veterinary care.
We have a full range of diagnostic tools that can
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We Welcome New Clients

Here at Lancefield Equine Clinic we always welcome new clients and patients to our practice. We know you will be happy with our services. Our veterinarians and staff are committed to staying on top of the latest diagnostics, treatments and wellness programs to maintain your horse’s optimal health. Contact our team to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you and your horse.

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Exceptional Services

It is our mission to treat each horse as if they are one of our own. We offer a comprehensive range of services for horses of all shapes and sizes. Our experienced equine veterinarians have a range of medical and surgical skills to treat your horses, both on farm and at our fully equipped clinic.

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Other Services


We can perform all routine surgeries including geldings, umbilical hernias, lump removals, sarcoid removals, injury stitch ups, periosteal strips, caslicks etc.


Proper regular dental care is important for all horses, regardless of age, size or use. Your horse should be seen by a dental veterinarian to have their teeth examined at least once every 12 months. Horses teeth grow constantly throughout their entire lives so regular check ups are a must. This will ensure your horse is free from dental pain, can chew normally, can be ridden comfortably and achieve their maximum life expectancy. Dr Miesja Reynolds has completed post graduate advanced equine dental training, for veterinarians only, and has a special interest in equine dentistry. She is a member of Equine Dental Vets.


Identification of your horse is crucial for preventing theft and proving ownership. It is also necessary for the registration of your horse with many breed societies. Our veterinarians are registered with the Australian Stud Book as approved ASB vets for microchipping, DNA and identifying thoroughbreds.


There are a number of highly infectious and in some cases, life threatening diseases that can be mitigated through vaccination. All horses should be vaccinated every year against tetanus. An initial course followed by regular boosters is essential for all vaccinations. We strongly recommend vaccination for Strangles. We can also vaccinate horses that might be travelling or competing interstate against Hendra virus.

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