Icarus Park Stud

63 Whalans Track, Lancefield

Stud Farm Management

Agronomist, James Almond manages and oversees the stud farm management.  He has a special interest in crops and growing grass.  The pastures on the farm are constantly being renovated and upgraded.  Equine palatable grass species have been used with success.  Biological fertilisers are used and the paddocks are rotated annually for cropping.  Crops such as oats, lucerne and clover/rye are grown, harvested and stored and provide fodder for the horses, cattle and sheep.  The farm also has Angus beef cattle and Australian White sheep that are used on a rotational basis for pasture management. During the breeding season the clinic’s equine population increases, reaching an additional 70-80 horses.  Mostly, the horses are fed from feed grown on the farm.

To learn more about our Irish Draught and Irish Sport Horse stud please visit our stud’s webpage; Icarus Park Stud