Reproductive Services

An extensive range of services for all reproductive needs with facilities to ensure the safe handling of your mare, foal or stallion.

For Stallions

  • Semen collection for fresh, chilled or frozen
  • Semen evaluation; concentration, motility & morphology
  • Test freezing and storage of frozen semen straws
  • Semen collection training

For Mares

  • Pre-breeding soundness examination

  • Follicle and pregnancy scans

  • Artificial insemination with fresh, chilled or frozen semen

  • Embryo transfer

  • Uterine flushes

  • Twin pregnancy reduction

  • Foetal sexing

  • Foaling down at the stud farm, using foaling alarms, floodlit private paddocks, and supervision under CCTV
  • Examination and management of the post foaling mare including placental evaluation, removal of retained foetal membranes, treatment of post foaling metritis (infection) and assessment of trauma/injury to the reproductive tract

For Foals

  • Foaling down at the stud farm or on your property

  • Post foaling examination of the newborn foal including a quantitative evaluation of the foal’s immunity (IgG Test)

  • Neonatal health examinations and insurance forms

  • Neonatal medicine and surgery